EDM producer Zyggo release uplifting remix anthem, ‘Keep The Love’

Lithuanian music producer and songwriter Zyggo, real name is Deividas Zygas, releases Swedish artist, 2011 “Idol” TV contest winner Amanda Fondell song’s “Keep The Love” remix. Music producer does not hide his excitement about this project and he hopes that this remix will brighten the gloomy routine of these days. Zyggo reveals that in this music video we will see some biggest music starts such as Ella Eyre or Ella Henderson.

Amanda Fondell – Keep The Love (Zyggo remix)

“I have lived in London for some time. To be more specific, I can say that I live in Vilnius and in London at the same time, because every few years I have to be here or there. The recent time in London was full of new impressions, new people and new possibilities to realise my new projects. This remix is not an exception. I really proud of this track and I am very excited of this, because I put all my heart and myself here.”

Zyggo says that this release has demanded a lot of new skills and a lot of job that this release would see the light of a day: “To be honest, this remix has been produced in 2020’s summer. All arrangement and production stuff have been done very quickly, but all official remix releasing stuff have taken very long period of time. I had to have the official permissions and approvals from the record label, publisher and the original song writers. I had to have all official approvals that this release would be uploaded not just on YouTube, but on another music streaming platforms too. I am very happy that I have got the permissions and approvals from each part and today you can hear and see what I have produced and created for this time”.

Music producer says that this song is not just very positive, but and he hopes that the brand-new arrangement would help to reveal the original song’s thoughts: “This song is about love, about a great craving for another person and an emotional attachment. As the most this genre’s songs. When I have produced this song, I was thinking about love, sea, sun and about happy people around. That time I used to go to the sea very often. Brighton, Eastbourne – the best places for self-realising. This is why I think that you can see and hear these emotions in this remix too. The original song’s singer Amanda Fondell texted me that this remix sounds cool, so, I really hope that dance music lovers will have a chance to put this song in them playlist too and for short time to feel summer in the heart again.”

“This song has been written and produced in a lot of different locations. The original song has been recorded in Sweden, I have produced and mixed this track in London at Resident Studios and in Lithuania too. The master has been done by one of the best professionals here in London.”

Speaking more about music video music producer and songwriter Zyggo said that there are a lot of different personal moments from the different world locations in this music video: “Speaking about music video I can mention that I put a lot of different personal moments in London, Liverpool, Paris and Vilnius too. There are a few flashes with the music world starts such as Ella Eyre and Ella Henderson. I have really wanted that this music video would be personal and each listener and viewer could find his life’s moment and himself here.”

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