Dance-pop diva Agnes shares new album ‘Magic Still Exists

Dance-pop diva Agnes has released her phenomenal new album Magic Still Exists through Universal Music. The Stockholm-based songstress has coined the term “spiritual disco” to describe her new offering which includes tracks like  hit singles ‘24 Hours’, ‘Fingers Crossed’ and ‘Here Comes The Night.’

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“Mixing spiritual lyrics with disco felt both tempting and necessary. Disco is freedom, to express oneself and not be ashamed. But the music was also something I needed to do to grow spiritually and strengthen myself. It was an opportunity to take what I have within me, multiply it and just play with it.” she says.

After a ten year hiatus, Agnes truly shines on Magic Still Exists. The precise production of the album is beautifully embellished by her velveteen vocals, and her songwriting is layered with flair. This is certainly the hallmark of an artist growing creatively, mentally and spiritually.

LP track ‘Here Comes The Night‘ features on the Spotify playlist

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