We’re hooked on Agnes’ ‘Love And Appreciation’

Agnes’s new album ‘Magic Still Exists’ is an indication that the funk and soul of the 70’s will never die – and it doesn’t look like the hype around this album is going to die down anytime soon either. Released via Universal Music Sweden, it is chock-full of sweeping disco thump and righteous vocal performances and we just can’t seem to get enough of it. We recently brought you the album in its entirety, but this week we’re hooked on disco-funk anthem ‘Love And Appreciation.’

Agnes began her career at the tender age of 16, and the following years saw the release of three highly successful albums. She has gone from strength to strength, and the release of ‘Magic Still Exists’ proves that her upward trajectory can not be thwarted.

The energetic ‘Love And Appreciation’ is a proper feel-good anthem, delivering a bit of what we all need right now – sweet beats and good vibrations.

‘Magic Still Exists’ is a collection of epiphanies about what it means to be human and our need to constantly search for something bigger, something more. The album was made together with friends and the process has therefore been very intimate. Something that made me relax, let go and have fun with it” she explains

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