Sindresu’s new song ‘Daydream’ is a vacation

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Uplifting producer Sindresu has released his latest single ‘Daydream’. Squeezing Hawaiian shirts into our suitcase and lifting us to the airport, he stretched across the seat to hand us our tickets and sent us on a holiday. On our way to our destination, we put on our headphones and lost ourselves in the melodic enthusiasm of his new song, excited to land in paradise.

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Like reading a captivating novel or watching a thrilling movie, ‘Daydream’ aims to help listeners escape the humdrum of day-to-day life, seeking to distract them from their current trials and tribulations, and instead have them relax on a beach somewhere where they can unwind without a care. What else is music, but a means to transcend the ordinary? Or maybe we just needed a break.

Music helps us to do that. Producer Sindresu knows this well. He tells us that “Daydream is about escaping reality during dark times and is inspired by a difficult period in my life. I experienced serious burnout, which left me with declined health for a time. This song tells the story of being stuck in an unfulfilling life and dreaming of better days.”

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