Musicians PLEEG & Eyezic unveils cathartic new song ‘Dead Weight’

Image credit: PLEEG & Troy Gerhardt

Under Quality Goods Records, dynamic producers PLEEG and Eyezic share their latest song ‘Dead Weight’. Eyezic was the winner of the 2022 Insomniac’s Discovery Project for Beyond Wonderland. In the past, French-Parisian PLEEG has released music via NCS, Bitbird, Never Say Die Records and Rushdown.

Stream / Download: PLEEG & Eyezic – ‘Dead Weight’

The first thing that listeners notice about ‘Dead Weight’ is that the vocalisation is edgy and overflows with a daredevil attitude created skillfully by the breathing techniques used by the singer, which produces an effervescent and modern effect on the song. The singer’s vocal cords effortlessly ascend and descend through the notes of the track, resulting in a bubbly song that is slightly flamboyant and carefree. The motivating attitude of vocalisation has captured well the concept associated with the title of the song, and this motivation can be internalised whether this is done intentionally or not. 

Eyezic relays the inspiration behind the new song: “Dead Weight was heavily inspired by two friends who shared a lot in common in their music styles. From the moody dark lyrics, to immediately jumping into an upbeat tempo that has you feeling great about the song itself. Working with PLEEG on the record was an absolute blast!”

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