Florian Picasso releases high-octane song ‘It’s Alright’

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Ready for a good time, house producer Florian Picasso builds on the energy of his recently released single, ‘Ay Papi’, with a new record titled ‘It’s Alright’. As his second release under the La Californie Musique record label, the song, like the artist, refuses to let up. An unrelenting bassline pairs nicely with a sequence of vocal samples that loop for the duration of the song to establish a strong downbeat-driven energy. 

Stream / Download: Florian Picasso – ‘It’s Alright’

From start to finish, the track chugs, persisting onward. Syncopated hi-hats contribute to the momentum, along with laser-like stabs. Together, they maintain the high energy that the risers created in the build, leading to gratifying drops that inject fuel straight into the main line. At full throttle, the song turns supersonic, conveying force without muddying the mix. Where many producers might add a bunch of unnecessary instruments, Florian has kept to the essentials. That isn’t to say the song is sparse. Rather, it is balanced and colourful with an extra dose of get-up-and-go.

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