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Pop musician Alison Goldfrapp offer new collab

Alison Goldfrapp, Billie Eilish and Charli XCX
Alison Goldfrapp, Billie Eilish and Charli XCX

Image credit: Mat Maitland

January 19th 2023 – Electronic pop auteur Alison Goldfrapp and German music production polymath Claptone today announce the release of their stunning new collaboration ‘Digging Deeper’, check it out here.

Having set a towering bar for synth-pop in the 21st century, Alison – the magnetic British songwriter, vocalist, performer and producer – is recognised for approaching each iteration of her stellar career from an innovative new position. This release represents an important step towards her transforming musical journey.

‘Digging Deeper’ is a soaring moment of euphoria – melodic and evocative in equal measure.  Loaded with arpeggiators and twinkling synthesiser toplines, the vivid track fully utilises Alison’s signature celestial vocals across the vibrant and progressive runtime. 

Alison Goldfrapp and Claptone form a perfect collaboration, inviting the listener to fully succumb to this intoxicating club concoction.

In Alison’s own words;

“In Digging Deeper, I’m effortlessly gliding through air, on a gloriously hot breezy night arriving at a blissed-out dancefloor on the island of my dreams.”

Claptone expands;

“When Alison Goldfrapp asked me to collaborate, it was a no brainer for me. I’ve always been enchanted by the magic world she created and her stunning voice, so I was really happy that we could merge our trickery to create Digging Deeper.”  

Digging Deeper is a dazzling showcase of what is to come this year from an iconic music tour de force and is just the beginning; expect to hear much more from Alison Goldfrapp very soon.

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Dynamic musician GRYFFIN unveils new album Alive

GRYFFIN, Avicii and Calvin Harris
GRYFFIN, Avicii and Calvin Harris

Image via publicist

November 4, 2022 – Santa Monica, CA – Today, multi-platinum producer Gryffin releases his hotly anticipated sophomore album, Alive via Darkroom/Interscope Records. The dynamic, hook-filled LP is packed with dazzling collaborations with superstars including Kygo, Tinashe, MØ, and OneRepublic, making it a must-hear for dance-music fans everywhere. 

Alive (Darkroom / Interscope Records) by Gryffin is now available at all digital retailers HERE

The album kicks off with the anthemic title track featuring Calle Lehmann, a pop-tinged house record destined for countless spins in clubs across the world. Other highlights include the Tinashe-assisted “Scandalous” — a dynamic collaboration that showcases Gryffin’s mastery of dance anthems — and his most recent release “Forever” featuring Elley Duhé, a soaring house track brimming with ambition and optimism. With more new songs featuring guest spots from salem ilese on “Glitch In The Simulation” and Matt Maeson on “Lose Your Love” Gryffin’s sophomore effort has made him synonymous with dance-music excellence. 

With his debut album Gravity, Gryffin displayed an uncanny ability to craft emotionally nuanced electronic anthems that soar to delirious heights and immediately get lodged in your brain. Now, with Alive, he has further perfected his dazzling brand of club music, composing elaborate arrangements that are poised, urgent and addictive. The release follows recent singles “Scandalous” and “Forever.” 


1. Intro

2.  Alive (with Calle Lehmann)

3. Forever (with Elley Duhé)

4. Lose Your Love (with Matt Maeson)

5. Safe With Me (with Audrey Mika)

6. Woke Up In Love (with Kygo & Calum Scott)

7. Reckless (with MØ)

8. Glitch In The Simulation (with salem ilese) 

9. Evergreen (with Au/Ra)

10. Scandalous (with Tinashe)

11. Interlude

12. Colors (with Eyelar & Blanke)

13. After You (with Calle Lehmann)

14. Best Is Yet To Come (with Kyle Reynolds)

15. Sometimes You Know (with Maia Wright)

16. Caught Up (with Olivia O’Brien)

17. You Were Loved (with OneRepublic)

With over 60,000 tickets already sold on his massively successful U.S. tour, Gryffin celebrates today’s release with another sold-out show at L.A.’s State Historic Park. For those not able to make the historic show, Universal Music Group’s official Twitch channel 3point5 will be live streaming the event in full. The stream will begin at 9 PM HERE. The producer also recently performed a sold-out show at Denver’s famed Red Rocks Amphitheatre, as well as the iconic Brooklyn Mirage. Coming up, he’ll finish out this run of dates with stops in Dallas, Texas and Washington, D.C. Full list of dates below along with ticket information HERE


Dec. 9: Washington, D.C. @ The Anthem


Born Dan Griffith, Gryffin got his start in music as a classically trained pianist and guitarist while

also playing in several bands. After receiving an electrical engineering degree from the University of Southern California, he pursued a path in music production, drawing equally from

his carefully honed musicality and edgy ingenuity. Gryffin made his breakthrough in 2016 with two singles showcasing his melodic take on dance music: “Heading Home” ft. Josef Salvat (which shot to #1 on Spotify’s US and Global Viral charts) and the Gold-certified Bipolar Sunshine collaboration “Whole Heart. In addition, his 2017 smash single and first Platinum record “Feel Good” — with Illenium and featuring Daya— peaked at #18 on the Dance/Mix Show Airplay charts. Gryffin’s major triumphs also include “Tie Me Down” ft. Elley Duhé (which hit #2 on the Spotify US Viral Chart, #9 on the Global Viral Chart, and was recently Platinum-certified), “Remember” ft. Zohara (which garnered 6.5 million streams in its first few weeks and earned support from Tiesto, who featured the track on an Instagram story), and “All You Need to

Know” with SLANDER ft. Calle Lehmann (a Gold-certified smash that’s now surpassed 320

million streams globally). In October 2019, Gryffin’s debut album Gravity quickly climbed to #1

on Billboard’s Dance/Electronic Albums chart. Now, with multiple heavyweight collaborations

under his belt, a US tour underway with two of his biggest headline shows to date, and the release of his sophomore album Alive, Gryffin continues to put out pop-dance anthems for the




Musicians PLEEG & Eyezic unveils cathartic new song ‘Dead Weight’

PLEEG & Eyezic, Kaskade, Justin Caruso, and Felix Cartal
PLEEG & Eyezic, Kaskade, Justin Caruso, and Felix Cartal

Image credit: PLEEG & Troy Gerhardt

Under Quality Goods Records, dynamic producers PLEEG and Eyezic share their latest song ‘Dead Weight’. Eyezic was the winner of the 2022 Insomniac’s Discovery Project for Beyond Wonderland. In the past, French-Parisian PLEEG has released music via NCS, Bitbird, Never Say Die Records and Rushdown.

Stream / Download: PLEEG & Eyezic – ‘Dead Weight’

The first thing that listeners notice about ‘Dead Weight’ is that the vocalisation is edgy and overflows with a daredevil attitude created skillfully by the breathing techniques used by the singer, which produces an effervescent and modern effect on the song. The singer’s vocal cords effortlessly ascend and descend through the notes of the track, resulting in a bubbly song that is slightly flamboyant and carefree. The motivating attitude of vocalisation has captured well the concept associated with the title of the song, and this motivation can be internalised whether this is done intentionally or not. 

Eyezic relays the inspiration behind the new song: “Dead Weight was heavily inspired by two friends who shared a lot in common in their music styles. From the moody dark lyrics, to immediately jumping into an upbeat tempo that has you feeling great about the song itself. Working with PLEEG on the record was an absolute blast!”

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Sindresu’s new song ‘Daydream’ is a vacation

Sindresu, Sam Feldt, Kygo, and Lost Frequencies
Sindresu, Sam Feldt, Kygo, and Lost Frequencies

Image credit: Sofia Falck

Uplifting producer Sindresu has released his latest single ‘Daydream’. Squeezing Hawaiian shirts into our suitcase and lifting us to the airport, he stretched across the seat to hand us our tickets and sent us on a holiday. On our way to our destination, we put on our headphones and lost ourselves in the melodic enthusiasm of his new song, excited to land in paradise.

Stream on SpotifyiTunes

Like reading a captivating novel or watching a thrilling movie, ‘Daydream’ aims to help listeners escape the humdrum of day-to-day life, seeking to distract them from their current trials and tribulations, and instead have them relax on a beach somewhere where they can unwind without a care. What else is music, but a means to transcend the ordinary? Or maybe we just needed a break.

Music helps us to do that. Producer Sindresu knows this well. He tells us that “Daydream is about escaping reality during dark times and is inspired by a difficult period in my life. I experienced serious burnout, which left me with declined health for a time. This song tells the story of being stuck in an unfulfilling life and dreaming of better days.”

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Multitalented musician Jonasu shares ‘Dinner For Two’

Jonasu, Calvin Harris, Acraze
Jonasu, Calvin Harris, Acraze

Image via publicist

Dynamic producer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Jonasu has released a new single ‘Dinner For Two’. The track is a superb celebration of life, love and good living. A fun, carefree pop gem, ‘Dinner For Two’ combines euphoric piano chords, seductive vocals and a high-energy bassline – a formula destined to bring this track success. The talented musician’s musical career shines bright and his fans are never left wanting because his dedication to great musical artistry resulted in the creation of anthemic tracks that have captured the heart of listeners and have seen him receive over 2 billion streams and 4 million monthly listeners. Continue reading to discover more about Jonasu. 

Stream / Download: Jonasu ‘Dinner For Two’

Which albums changed your perspective on the music you make?

Most recently the new Swedish House Mafia album Paradise Again really pushed the boundaries of Dance Music for me. It sounds so tasty and there is so much love in every detail. It’s just inspiring. Other than that Calvin Haris – 18 Month was a big influence on me when it came out. And Daft Punk – Discovery, definitely was a big eye-opener when it comes to Dance Music. I absolutely love all the French House that came out in that period of time.

What is your go-to method for when you need to boost your creativity?

Input = output to me. Meaning, listening to and enjoying music will always inspire me and make me wanna make music myself. On the other hand, sometimes it’s just necessary to take some time off. Go out for a hike or meet some friends. Conversations really inspire my lyrics and I get a lot of energy from other people.

Describe what makes your day a successful one.

I think I’m the most satisfied if I manage to enjoy

Describe your studio space in three words

Playground, Cozy, Fun

What do you think is the recipe for a great song?

Uhh yeah, difficult question. Good melodies and lyrics definitely are the basis, but then everything also has to have a great vibe and emotion and most importantly everything works together as one.

Did you always see yourself pursuing music as a career, or did you have other plans for the future?

100% 🙂

What advice can you give to artists that are struggling to make their name known?

Patience and Persistence. I think a lot of people give up too early or start to doubt themselves. Everything takes a lot of time and hard work. Luck can help and speed it up, but in the end, it all comes down to time and work.

What are the biggest challenges you have discovered thus far as a musician/producer?

Obviously, there are moments when you struggle creatively, question what you are doing or when you doubt your talents and skills. The biggest challenge is to look forward to those moments and keep going!

What can we expect from you in the months to come?

My debut album ‘Cutting Through Noise’ is finally coming out in December and I am super excited to share all the music on there. It’s a fun variety of different dance songs I have written in the past year. So you can expect a lot of new music 🙂 And right now I am working on new music for my live shows, so hopefully you can catch me at one of my shows in the coming months and we can dance together in a club or festival!

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Brilliant musician COBRAH dazzles with new video

COBRAH, Tiesto, Ava Max
COBRAH, Tiesto, Ava Max

Image credit: Ninja Hanna

Stockholm-based artist and multi-hyphenate COBRAH returns with the video for her recent single BRAND NEW BITCH.

Tinged with industrial club-focused production and powerful, liberatory lyrics of self-love and transformation, ‘BRAND NEW BITCH’ is another incendiary statement of intent from the inimitable artist, a futuristic cyber-pop banger destined to soundtrack dancefloors worldwide. The searing visual accompaniment shows COBRAH being reborn in a dark and otherworldly backdrop, emerging seductive and confident in her own power. 

COBRAH recently collaborated with bassline luminary Chris Lorenzo on the huge summer house cut MAMI, and remixed avant-pop icon COUCOU CHLOE’s WIZZ in a hypnotic and infectiously fun reinterpretation of the original. 

Emerging as one of the most vital new voices of the thriving pop underground with her trailblazing brand of BDSM electropop, BRAND NEW BITCH is COBRAH’s first single since the anthemic GOOD PUSS, which celebrated queer identity and sexuality, and the more recent remix featuring a guest verse from Chicago rapper CupcakKe. GOOD PUSS featured on her sensational self-titled EP COBRAH last year, which has over 13 million streams and was nominated for a Swedish Grammy, the followup to thrillingly subversive debut EP ICON in 2019. Celebrated amongst fashion circles, her track TEA was featured in a recent Jean Paul Gaultier spot and DEBUT soundtracked Mugler’s FW21 show. 

As giddily fun as ICON and COBRAH were, the songs were also thoroughly personal. Themes of sexual liberation might influence the sound and the image, but on a deeper level, her songs fearlessly explore queer identity, mental health and in the case of COBRAH, the power of self-confidence, reflecting her newfound dominance and sense of power that comes with being in control of your own destiny, a theme which is also foregrounded in BRAND NEW BITCH. “I’m a lot more self-assured, and I want people to feel that confidence for themselves when they listen to it. I want them to feel like they can do whatever they want, dress however they want, indulge in whatever they like.”

When COBRAH dropped the single ‘IDFKA’ in 2019, it was met with rave reviews; paired with a Swedish Grammy-nominated video that lent a striking visual language to the song’s lyrical struggle for self-acceptance, it marked the arrival of a vivid new voice on the Swedish music scene. When she moved to Stockholm, the producer, singer, songwriter and visual artist immersed herself in the city’s fetish scene, a crucial breeding ground for the songs that would go on to form her breathtakingly fresh debut EP, ICON. The five-track release was a deeply personal thirteen-minute, club-ready tour-de-force, celebrated by taste-makers,  radio DJs and peers such as Charli XCX,  who joined her onstage when she performed in the Swedish capital in 2019,  with COBRAH then supporting her at an intimate London show last year. COBRAH played an incredible set at Glastonbury this summer following a successful worldwide tour with stops including Denmark’s Roskilde Festival

BRAND NEW BITCH marks a fresh and exciting new chapter for this future cult-icon. Tune into the video now. 

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Producer CONFLUENCE excites with hypnotic new song

CONFLUENCE, Tinlicker, RÜFÜS DU SOL, CamelPhat, and Ben Böhmer
CONFLUENCE, Tinlicker, RÜFÜS DU SOL, CamelPhat, and Ben Böhmer

Image credit: Morax Photography

Some artists are able to seamlessly stitch synthetic sound design and organic instrumentation together and CONFLUENCE is one of them. His latest release ‘My Everything’, out via CNFLNC, embodies this ability. Vocals ease into an orchestral composition, drifting into a rushing stream of arpeggiated melodies and house music percussions. 

Steam / Download: Confluence – ‘My Everything’

Building from a dark undertone, the track swarms with bright hi-hats and memorable chord progressions that change from energetic to delicate with grace and harmony. The vocal sample strengthens the emotional intensity of the track, adopting the feeling of the underlying beat as it moves from anthem to club hit. 

It is easy to imagine the producer dropping this single at a festival or a smaller more intimate setting. Picture strobing lights or a populated outdoor dance venue. The artist constantly moves the song forward, driving it through phase after phase of evolution, growing it into the house animal that is ‘My Everything’.



Q&A with refined disco producer Sleepy Tom

Chic, Purple Disco Machine, Breakbot, Sleepy Tom
Chic, Purple Disco Machine, Breakbot, Sleepy Tom

  Image credit: Lindsay Elliott

Attracted to the rhythm and uplifting mood of the disco era, Sleepy Tom has shared his feel-good dancefloor heater ‘Call My Name’. Released via MNRK, the producer is known for his noteworthy remixing and collaborating, but finds his niche with this retro-infused track and we are hooked on it. Cam Tatham a.k.a. Sleepy Tom, is in tune with the world around him and tries to keep things as simplistic and unified as possible as this interview suggests. Simple and refined, Sleepy Tom has cracked the code of light and danceable beats with “effortless” class and charisma.

Stream / Download: ‘Call My Name’

 ‘Call My Name’ was created with the desire to create more uplifting music. What made you decide to shift your sound with this idea?

I think I need to feel like the music I create has a purpose, so I can feel more of a responsibility to create it. I think the world could use a little uplifting, don’t you agree?

Which albums changed your perspective on the music you make?

We Will Always Love You by The Avalanches.

What is your go-to method for when you need to boost your creativity?

Breathwork and yoga.

Describe what makes your day a successful one.

Depends upon how well my espresso was poured.

Describe your studio space in three words

Less is more.

What do you think is the recipe for a great song?

Getting out of its way.

Did you always see yourself pursuing music as a career, or did you have other plans for the future?

Yes, I always wanted to make music since I was 10.

What advice can you give to artists that are struggling to make their name known?

Keep refining your craft and believe in yourself!

 Your latest single sees you dabble with disco beats. Do you think disco music will always remain a popular genre of music?

Absolutely! I loved it as a kid in the ‘90s, and still love it now. Music trends change, but disco will never die.

What are the biggest challenges you have discovered thus far as a musician/producer?

Navigating expectations vs. reality. Always trying to remain present.

What can we expect from you in the months to come?

More fun music!

Call My Name’ features on POP_GROUND.fm

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Q&A with retro-inspired music producer Spencer Ramsay

Joel Corry , Spencer Ramsay, Regard
Joel Corry , Spencer Ramsay, Regard

Image credit: PRESS

Releasing his latest single ‘Take It Easy’ via Polydor Records, EDM producer Spencer Ramsay has impressed us with his retro-infused flair. Only eighteen years of age, the music producer has an appreciation for the sounds of yesteryear and the iconic vocals of Aretha Franklin‘s hit sampled on this latest club track. Born in a small Scottish town called Pebbles, the young music producer is gaining momentum across Soundcloud with over 1 million streams accumulated on his Soundcloud profile over a span of 3 months with the release of his hit ‘What You Talkin’ About?’. We asked remarkable dance music talent Spencer Ramsay a few questions about his musical aspirations below.

Please describe your sound for us.

I would say my sound is pretty heavy, energetic, and has some soul to it.

How did it all start for you?

My family has always loved dance music and I remember making music on Garage Band when I was really young, and that’s when I fell in love with it.

Which three artists would you say made you want to create your own music?

I would say Daft Punk, Disclosure, and Kanye West.

What is your go-to gear/equipment when creating?

I have a really nice Arturia keyboard and a Roland drum machine. But honestly a lot of the time I end up just using my laptop speakers and keyboard because I have an idea on the fly, or can’t be bothered plugging everything in and setting it up in FL Studio.

What are some of your key influences in your music? Whether it be the sound created by others, imagery, films or any kind of art form.

My current project and sound are heavily influenced by ‘80s and ‘90s Chicago house, but I also take influence from films like Bladerunner in some of my other pieces of music.

What is one sub-genre you think doesn’t get the attention it deserves?


What can we expect from you in the near future? Any upcoming projects in the pipeline that you would like to tell us about?

My latest release ‘Take It Easy’ is the first track in my current project: The House Sound of Peebles. Which is an homage to The House Sound of Chicago series. Peebles is the small Scottish town I grew up in. I aim to bring some of the energy from ‘80s Chicago house into 2022 and expand on the sound!

‘Take It Easy’ features on EDM_GROUND.fm

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Jonas Blue shares high-energy club song ‘Siento’

Kygo, Jonas Blue, Sam Feldt
Kygo, Jonas Blue, Sam Feldt

Jonas Blue continues his prolific start to 2022 with new club track Siento’, out now on D4 D4NCE.

A high-energy club jam, Siento’ combines euphoric breakdowns with an infectious acid bassline. Featuring a rousing Spanish vocal hook, it’s sure to capture the dance floor in perfect time for the incoming Ibiza season. Marking ten years since Jonas has been releasing music on D4 D4NCE, it follows his recent collaboration with powerhouse US producer Sevenn on Booka Shade-sampling single ‘Angles’. Both tracks showcase Jonas’ unwavering desire to continue making club-focused music.

Prior to that, Jonas teamed up with US band Why Don’t We on smash single ‘Don’t Wake Me Up’, the first release from his brand-new collaborative project Together. With a slew of further collabs in the pipeline, the project will centre around themes of togetherness, unity and positivity – a crucial message that’s needed in the world more than ever right now – and is synonymous with Jonas’ music and his hugely successful career to date.

Jonas Blue’s career has so far been astounding. Having been certified platinum over 130 times around the globe, he has amassed an army of instantly recognisable hit singles, such as ‘Fast Car’, ‘Perfect Strangers’, ‘Mama’ and ‘Polaroid’, his collaboration with Liam Payne. He also boasts production credits on smash hit global singles including Ava Max’s ‘My Head & My Heart’. With over 14 billion global streams and over 70 million single sales, Jonas Blue is a certified DJ and pop powerhouse.

Looking ahead, Jonas has a stacked touring schedule with a residency in Las Vegas and shows in San Diego, Austin, Mexico, across the UK and more. With upcoming festival sets at Pal Norte, Creamfields, Lollapalooza Stockholm, Fuji Rock and Balaton Sound to name a few, there is a lot to look forward to in the coming weeks and months.

Emblematic of the fruitful, enduring relationship between Jonas Blue and D4 D4NCE, ‘Siento’ is a track that’s simply made for the dancefloor.

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Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram